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You Are Your Own 


Palm Tree Leaves

Special Offer:

If you're ready... to reconnect with your truth, purpose & power and use that to fuel your pledge to healing,


give me 3 months (for the price of only 2 months)... 

   and together, in a small group program,

     meeting once a week, with adjunct audio/video content & one personal 1-on-1 session with me, 

we'll start rewriting your relationship to your Self, your world and your people,

in ways that grants you the liberated permission & unequivocal freedom to be all of who you truly are, doing precisely what you're uniquely here to do and give,

all without going to war with your current experiences or only utilizing talk-based therapies that leave...

the critical puzzle piece of the body and nervous system's memory of trauma out of the picture you are putting together,

or even back together,

so very beautifully my friend.

// And if you want... a more 1-on-1 high-touch kind of facilitation for deep, efficient, fundamental changes, then give me 6 months (for the price of 5 months) and we'll your new stories together my friend.   ||  { Apply here //

Here's how the 12 week
group program works:

I'm transforming my Permission To Thrive, mastercourse into a semi-private 12 week group coaching experience where each woman gets...

the co-regulated support and tailored attention and facilitation to truly take the theory and put it into action,

to make discoveries and implement them in a
non-overwhelming, non time-consuming, generative way.

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12 weeks group program
+ a 1-on-1 session

$3000 / starts 8/15/21


- Normally - 


pricing until 7/22/21 


only $1500

For questions or more details:

Video Highlights: 


  • 3:00 - 9:00 | Official welcome & quick guided sensory exercise  (connecting with interoception, ie. the 'felt sense' 

  • 10:00 - 17:00 | Debunking common misconceptions about healing & mental health; introducing the somatic coherence process & its benefits

  • 20:00 - 30:00 | Opening somatic noticing exploration of trust & ease in the body 

  • 32:00 | Video content overview 

  • 34:00 | Interoception, defined and explored; science now shows up that the long-term therapeutic outcomes of any practice or practitioner is directly correlated to their ability to connect an individual with their 'felt sense' (ie. interoception) 

  • 37:00 - 42:00 | Trauma & healing trauma defined simply:

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  • 44:00 - 55:00 | Breaking down exactly how you are your own medicine in the context of corrective experiences, compassionate inquiry, relating to Self &  liberating survival physiology; 

    In order to heal, we must have a diverse ecosystem of reciprocity at the 3 pillars of healing: the medicine of Self, the medicine of existence and the medicine of others. 

  • 55:00 - 1:00:00 | Shifting unrealistic expectations for self-love fascism into titrated, gentle Self curiosity and relating

  • 1:05:00 - 1:23:00 | Somatic liberation experience; facilitated by Christine Ren

  • 1:25:00 - 1:32:00 | Details on liberating thwarted survival circuits & gauging efficacy through the Face, Feel, Free' methodology:



  • This is a 3-step framework I pioneered that fosters a predictable, repeatable means of returning to ventral vagal regulation,

    and lays the right neurosensory foundations for releasing trauma, survival physiology and suppressed emotion.

  • 1:32 - 1:36:00 | Special discounted offer details for 1-on-1 personal support

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